Aircraft Cabin Products designs your aircraft cabin product. These products distinguish themselves from others on the market by their contemporary design, sophisticated ergonomics and low cost of ownership. We supply a complete customized product design according to your wish and needs together with an EASA product certification, ready for production.




  • Gallery & catering equipment
  • Baby bassinet
  • Wheel chair
  • Curtain installation
  • Optimizing existing products
  • Interior modification program
  • Your custom design
  • Product specification &¬†certification


By combining highly engineered products with timeless design we are able to enhance the passenger experience throughout the aircraft interior. We design customized products which will fulfill your requirements and exceed your design expectations.


Our design team provides innovative and proactive designs to meet your needs, from concept to implemen- tation. We are able to maintain brand consistency throughout your interior and customer. Committed to delivering highest quality solutions, we are inventive, yet practical.


Aircraft Cabin Product-design, develops products in accordance with the following standards:  

  • Airbus and Boeing specification
  • Design certification by EASA



The lightest on the market, Dutch design, sophisticated ergonomics and low costs of ownership. Aircraft Cabin Products designs aircraft and train cabin products. We develop customized products from idea to production. Combining years of experience alongside fresh, creative talent our design team is committed to making timeless and lightweight cabin interior. Inspired by the dynamic design shapes of the 50s, our products fulfill all the requirements of today. Styled for comfort and optimized for functionality our products are ready for the future!


ACP-design is characterized by:

  • Lightest on the market
  • Dutch design
  • Easy to operate
  • Low cost of ownership
  • High-end products
  • Customized product design



In 2010 Gert designed and produced a newspaper display that can be operated single-handedly, under his own label. The display has been in use for seven years now without undergoing any structural damage.

As a result of over 10 years of experience in the development and production of cabin products, combined with a practice of open and direct communication, Gert has gained an impressive store of know-how and insight in this particular field of business.

In 2015 Gert established ACP (Aircraft Cabin Products), which operates from the Netherlands, based upon the philosophy that smarter, lighter, and better-looking products can be made at an affordable price.  

Gert is responsible for the development and realization of new products.


Former KLM-employee. 

Jan's work experience with KLM:

25 years with Engineering and Maintenance:

2 years as a cabin maintenance worker

23 years as a designer/developer, responsible for the certification of aircraft interior parts, the development of maintenance programs for aircraft interiors and the development of technical specifications for aircraft interior parts

20 years with Inflight Services:

Responsible for the development of and putting into writing of functional specifications for interior parts and the development of cabin layouts, this in close cooperation with cabin crew members.

During his career Jan has worked closely with Airbus, Boeing, Douglas, Fokker and diverse suppliers.

Jan's extensive work experience and contacts in the field, in combination with a Bachelor of Aviation and a Bachelor of Business, guarantee a firm basis for the development of ACP'S innovative products.  

Jan's main focus in ACP is on business development, certification and on commercial and financial affairs.